Brahim Djelloul Merouane

Full-stack developer & Software engineer

Welcome to My Portfolio!

Hello, I'm Merouane, a passionate and results-driven full-stack developer and software engineer. With a strong foundation in both front-end and back-end technologies, I bring a holistic approach to creating robust and scalable solutions.

My Expertise:

  • Full-Stack Development: I specialize in developing end-to-end solutions, seamlessly integrating user-friendly interfaces with powerful server-side functionalities.
  • Technological Proficiency: From crafting responsive and intuitive user interfaces using modern front-end frameworks like React.js, Angular, and Vue.js, to architecting robust server-side applications with Node.js, Express, and Django, I leverage a diverse skill set to meet project requirements.
  • Database Design and Management: I excel in designing and optimizing databases, ensuring efficient data storage, retrieval, and management. My expertise includes SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB) databases.
  • API Development: Building secure and scalable APIs is a cornerstone of my work. I use RESTful and GraphQL APIs to facilitate seamless communication between different components of a system.
  • DevOps and Deployment: I am well-versed in the deployment process, utilizing tools like Docker and Kubernetes to streamline the deployment of applications and ensure optimal performance.

Why Choose Me:

  • Problem Solver: I thrive in tackling complex challenges and providing innovative solutions that align with project goals.
  • Collaborative Team Player: Having worked in diverse teams, I understand the value of effective collaboration. My communication skills and adaptability contribute to a positive team dynamic.
  • Continuous Learner: In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, I stay ahead by embracing continuous learning. I am committed to keeping up with the latest trends and technologies.


University of Ouargla

Sept 2021 - Sept 2023

Master Degree industrial computing

During my academic tenure, I engaged in comprehensive coursework covering fundamental subjects within my field, including but not limited to software development, database management, system design, programming languages, algorithms, and project management. Additionally, I undertook specialized studies in full stack devlopment.

University of Ouargla

Sept 2017 - Sept 2021

Diploma in information system

During my Diploma in Information Systems, I acquired comprehensive knowledge in various aspects of IT. This program covered subjects such as database management, programming languages, system analysis and design, cybersecurity fundamentals, network administration, and software development methodologies. Additionally, I gained practical experience in utilizing diverse software tools and frameworks, enabling me to develop solutions aligned with industry standards and technological advancements.

High School

Sept 2014 - Sept 2017

Bachelor Degree Math

During my Bachelor's in Mathematics, I delved into a wide array of subjects encompassing calculus, algebra, geometry, statistics, probability, numerical analysis, differential equations, and mathematical modeling. Additionally, I gained proficiency in various mathematical software and tools, cultivating a strong foundation in problem-solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills essential for the field.


University Website Redesign Project

Led a cross-functional team in the redesign of the University of Excellence's website, enhancing user experience and accessibility. Directed the project lifecycle, overseeing research, planning, design, development, and successful implementation within a 12-month timeline. Collaborated with stakeholders to identify key objectives, resulting in a modern, responsive interface meeting diverse user needs. Integrated interactive features such as student portals, event calendars, and resource repositories to foster engagement and streamline information access. Implemented a comprehensive testing strategy, ensuring optimal functionality across devices and browsers pre-launch. Result: Increased user engagement by 40%, improving navigation and accessibility for students, faculty, and alumni.

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Medical Records Management Website Project

Orchestrated the development and implementation of a secure and user-friendly medical records management system. Collaborated with healthcare professionals and IT teams to design and deploy a HIPAA-compliant platform for efficient patient data storage and retrieval. Oversaw the integration of electronic health record (EHR) systems, enabling seamless access to patient records and enhancing healthcare delivery. Implemented stringent security measures to safeguard sensitive medical information, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Conducted user training sessions to familiarize medical staff with the platform, resulting in a 30% reduction in time spent on record retrieval. Achieved streamlined workflows and enhanced patient care by centralizing medical records in a digital format, improving accessibility and accuracy.

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